Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I never posted this, I'm not sure why, so I'm posting it retro-actively, even though she's not in this stage, anymore.  It's from probably Fall 2012.  Just wanted to make sure it made the book when I print it next year.

I'm afraid that my little Caboose has a multiple personality disorder.

Eevee is quite naughty.  (Eevee sounds a little like Evil.)  The picture below is what the Pokemon character named Eevee looks like; innocent, cute and cuddly.  When Caboose is Eevee, she paints the piano with fingernail polish, hides with a bag of chocolate chips, floats measuring cups in the potty, and tracks 24 hour brilliant red lipstick across the carpet.

Princess Nana twirls and sings and then bows deeply saying, "Thank you.  Thank you very much."  She hears the whistles and cheers of an imaginary audience.  Her kingdom adores her.  Princess Nana uses her loves as a valuable currency and is quite manipulative.

In spite of having six girls, this is the first one who has entertained the idea of being a princess.  What does one do with a princess, anyway?

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