Thursday, May 23, 2013


Santa's Village New Hampshire
When we lived in Massachusetts, one summer we loaded up all five kids (Only five at the time--which back east gets the same amount of shock-value that having about 13 would here in the west)  for a Family Vacation.  We went to three children's theme parks; Santa's Village, Story Land, and Six Gun City, all in New Hampshire.  We camped in the White Mountains, stayed in a hotel or two, visited the Ben and Jerry's factory and graveyard of flavors in Vermont, along with some church history sites, etc...

Six Gun City

White Mountains

We played, we swam, we roasted hot dogs, we met up with friends, we rode rides, we saw SANTA and Peter pumpkin Eater.  For cryin' out loud, we did EVERYTHING!  It was the trip of a lifetime.  FABULOUS fun was had by all.

One hour from home we weren't very fresh anymore.  The entire minivan was coated in Cheerios and Goldfish crackers.  Three of the beasties were asleep.  We were so close.  We threatened death to anyone who woke the baby.  There was no more water in the water bottles. We would not stop at one more gas station to pee.  There were no more clean clothes.  There was no more fun left.  Ma and Pa Disney were done.  Home stretch.  Hold your breath.
At that point, Lil' Mama (Who was about 5 years old at the time) spotted the Golden Arches from the Mass Pike.  Suddenly her life took on a new meaning.  She was not tired.  NO!  She was STARVING!!!  

Encircled by an entire pound of Starburst wrappers, sitting on an empty box of Oreos that she had licked clean, her emaciated frame suddenly went limp as she whispered, "Mom!  Dad!  Pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleeezzzeee?"

Few times have I felt so at one with my beloved.  As our booming, "NO!" resounded through the car, waking the baby, Lil' Mama started to whimper, whine, and then pout. (And NO!  The apples in the baggie at her side were NOT food!)

As soon as the baby settled again, this came from the back of the car:

"We NEVER do anything fun in this family!"


Bridget said...

BWAHAHAH!! That's classic -- about as good as "you don't ever get me anything" five minutes after I just forked over my right kidney for a drivers permit. Mhmmm...never. :D Glad you are feeling better -- three posts in three days...I LIKE IT!!

bluestocking mama said...

Love this one!