Monday, August 27, 2012

Mother Goose Goes to the Gym

I'm gonna stop blogging and live my life any minute now.  3 blogs in 3 days is excessive, but here goes...

Handsome Prince's new job came with a gym pass.  Never had one of those before.  It took three months, but I finally went today.
Not me...She's in better shape.
I don't own any spandex (It's just better that way) and let's just say that no one will ever be intimidated by my physical prowess (unless we're talking about my amazing baby-making skills).  I wore some baggy shorts and a T-shirt.

I took my trusty book and started on the treadmill.  One hand on the treadmill, one on the book.  Here's what happened.
Unfortunately no one was there to capture my event on film.  My fall was less spectacular, but most assuredly more interesting.
Hey, I firmly believe that everyone is here for a purpose.  Mine is to make you feel good about your personal gym experience.

As embarrassing experiences go, throwing up on the Handsome Prince at Lagoon still takes the cake.


Lisa said...

That is awesome! I am always afraid that will happen to me. Good job for going!

Mandy said...

So funny! It's hard to walk on a treadmill and try to read! Really!

Bridget said...

I seriously wet my pants reading your post...I <3 you!! You say all of the things I think in my head but trip over my tongue. So eloquently humorous. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! 3 blogs, 3 life is 3 times better. Keep them coming :)