Sunday, August 26, 2012


My buddy Bridget on the At Least I Don't Have Boils blog link had a great idea and is posting her meals for the next week.  I just got a great-sounding recipe for Cafe Rio Sweet Pork in the crock pot that I'm going to try.  My sister-in-law just sent me a recipe for cheese chicken that I was going to make tonight, but will save for Tuesday instead.  Anyway, I liked the recipe sharing idea, so here is mine for the week.  My health goal for the week is to offer 3 fruits/veggies at each dinner, and to bake the snacks with 1/2 applesauce 1/2 oil and 1/2 whole wheat.  I made Zucchini Bread yesterday with those substitutions (and I added nuts and chocolate chips.)

Monday:  Zucchini Pie
I shred my Zucchini instead of slicing it, and I don't measure, and I add sausage and/or hamburger and I'm pretty sure I add more cheese than it calls for, but the concept is the same.  I usually cook it in the frying pan before I stick it in the shell and oven, as we like ours REALLY solidly cooked on the inside--no runny egg at all.  

Tuesday:  Crock Pot Cheese Chicken (Sent by Mari Cuthbert)
 3-4 chicken breasts (frozen), 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 1 can cheddar cheese soup, garlic powder. Put frozen chicken in crock pot, dump in the soup cans over the chicken, sprinkle a little garlic powder on top, cover and turn on high for 4-5 hours. Shred (or eat whole, but I prefer shredded chicken) and serve over either rice or egg noodles.
Wednesday:   Lo Mien Noodles, Orange Chicken, Something with mushrooms, fortune cookies
(Panda Express--it's my birthday and I'm not cooking.)
Thursday:  Leftovers
Friday:  Pigs in a Blanket and maybe crock pot mac and cheese
Crock Pot Mac and Cheese
Sunday:  Cafe Rio Sweet Pork in the Crock Pot     from
3 lb. pork
16 oz. chunky salsa
1 can Dr. Pepper
2 c. brown sugar

Put pork in crockpot and fill halfway with water.  Cook 4 hours on high.  Drain water, cut pork in thirds, mix together sauce and pour on top.  Cook 4 more hours on low.  Drain liquid and shred pork.  Save a little liquid and mix it in with the pork so it is really moist.  Enjoy!

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