Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This picture was taken at the funeral.  See the sweet lady in the middle?  She made the Handsome Prince who he is today.  (She also helped raise me from the age of 14, as I spent a lot of time at her house.  She is one of my "Other Mothers".) These are her kids, grand-kids  their spouses and children.  A few are missing.  All together, counting the ones who are gone, there are 105 of us.  


All in all, it's a pretty amazing circle of love and support.  We are so blessed to  be a family.  Thanks, Daddy Roger, for taking the pictures.  They turned out great!


The Andersons said...

This is awesome. Glad to be part of such a rad family. Too bad it looks like I am torturing my child...Poor kid, his mean mom made him take a picture.

Marlene K said...

That picture is full of amazing people! We are truly blessed to be part of this wonderful family, and blessed by the many ways Art loved and taught each of us.