Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 1

I have a dear friend who just posted her list of things she's thankful for the other day, and since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I've decided to steal her idea.

2012 Things I'm Thankful For:  (In no particular order)

1.  Clean.  I can turn on a tap and have clean water, at any temperature I choose.  I can shower, with soap, everyday!  I have lotion and toothpaste and deodorant and perfume and baby wipes and laundry soap and dish soap and disinfectant and  hand-sanitizer.  It is easy to be clean.
Along with that kind of clean, I can be clean inside, too.  

A wise person once said, "Freedom is being able to live with yourself."  The only way I can do that is through the grace and forgiveness of my Savior.  He paid the price for my sins, so that I can repent and be clean.  Remarkable!

2.  Peace.  I never need to wonder if I'll be safe when I leave my home.  I'm not on the lookout for snipers.  Going to church isn't risky.  I don't need to worry that I'll never see my family again when I kick them out the door each morning.  Peace is such a part of my life that I rarely notice it.  I am thankful for peace and safety.

3.  Literacy.  I can read!  I have access to books and scripture and google!  I can learn.  My kids can read!  Books, books, books!  We're rollin' in them over here!  Read at the table, in the tub, in the car, in bed, with the kids, share with friends, learn, escape, experience, reflect.  Oh, glorious words!

4.  Plenty.  There's plenty of food, space, snuggles, songs, friends, family, colors, music, variety, opportunities.  Walk into the store, buy pineapple in February.  Choose your brand, color, size, price.  
I can change my clothes.  Snuggle under an extra blanket, change my lipstick color, try a new ice cream flavor.  I'm showed with blessings!

5.  Love.  I feel God's great love.  The love of a good husband.  The indescribable love of children.  Friends.  Family.  

6.Good People.  There are so many good people in the world.  People who quietly sacrifice for others, who serve and love.  Who smile in the grocery store.  Who share their talents.  So many who came before with their examples and goodness and selflessness.  So many all around us now.  They're rarely on the news, but they change the world.  I'm blessed to know so many good people!

7.  Warm Feet.  Love warm feet.

Icy cold creamy milk, the Hallelujah Chorus, screamin' hot deals, funny people, hammocks, preschool, an extra hour of sleep, roses, happy surprises, handwritten letters, quiet, inside jokes, the warm scent of baby head.  

There are so many things to be thankful for!

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