Monday, November 12, 2012

O is for Organize and P is for Pudding!

It smacks me on the side of the head every year, and though we had a little preview the week before Halloween, I was again unprepared for it when it was the true article.

I hate it.

I hate the, "Where are my snowpants?  Where are my boots?  Would you tuck my slimy wet gloves back into my coat?"  The smell of wet, the puddles of cold slush everywhere.  Cold feet.

So, I did the only rational thing I could think of.  I went shopping.  Then I organized with a focus that only one with an OCD problem could appreciate.
Last year when this happened, Handsome prince hung up some hooks and a coat bar in the garage.  By Saturday night, all the snowsuits were hanging there, the coats were organized and hung, and the gloves were paired and hanging in the closet.

Dinky entry closet organized
Linen closet with gloves
Under the computer desk, organized.  New school supplies.

These are actual pictures!  It's a little more crowded when the kids are home, but it works!

New subject.  Last Friday was one of my favorite preschools.  We did P is for Paint with Pudding.  It was (always is) a riot!!!  It was a great day for 3 kids to be absent.
This week:
Monday:  Fried Chicken, squash casserole, and pasta
Tuesday:  Meatloaf and baked potatoes
Wed:  Chicken soup
Thurs:  Leftovers
Fri:  Kid food
Sun:  Crock pot something

Q is for Question.  The scientific method.  Paint with colored milk on bread and toast it.  It turns neon.
Found this online.  Cute and true!
R is for rice.  Making shakers and gluing rice to paper.

My goal this week will continue to be "Shampoo the Upstairs Carpets."  (I'm sure someday I'll get to it!  Maybe it could be my New Year's resolution.)

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