Friday, November 23, 2012

2012 Newsletter

First of all, if you received a family picture this Christmas, this is what you saw:

It was a joke, folks.  We didn't have a new baby--we just thought it would be fun to see who noticed!  The baby belongs to my sister.  We remain firmly an 8 monkey family.  

Keeley 2012 Top 10 Quotes:

1.  "I'm an adult, I can just call the school and EXCUSE MYSELF if you won't do it."  Liz age 18 (and don't you forget it!)
            Liz is a senior, and is taking AP Psychology.  Cap and gown, senior photos, graduation requirements, college and scholarship applications, friends and work at Sonic dominate her life.  She has decided to continue to live at home for now, so she does not call the school, excuse herself, and take a day off.  Next fall she hopes to attend BYU-I DAHO majoring in psychology with an animal sciences minor.  She plans to go on an LDS mission after one semester of school.  She misses Niko, (Ding-a-ling dog and last year's newsletter writer), who escaped the yard and was hit by a car early on in the year.  

2. "Oh, and I have a date next Friday."   Andrew 16 yrs, as coolly-understated as possible.
            This year Andrew started College at UVU through UCAS, a public charter school that will allow him to graduate from High School with an Associates Degree.  He also got his driver's license and started dating.  OYE!

3.  "I might have some friends over after school.  Can you get rid of the little girls?"  Mayli, 14 is still a great help, but not an eager-beaver  babysitter anymore.  (Sigh.  It was bound to happen.)  And she might have friends over like the Pope might be Catholic.  She still has a 4.0 with extra credit (geek!) but shot down the perfect attendance  the day she climbed to the top of Mt. Timpanogos with Sam and Paul.  Here's hoping she'll potty-train Anna next summer.

4.   "Uno momento."  Busy Sam, 12.   Sam earned the Hope of America Award in 5th grade last year, has earned a sash full of scouting merit badges (Paul is his leader), and can usually either be found playing football, night-games, or Monotony (Grandpa Keeley's name for Monopoly) with friends.

5.  "You wanna read my new book?'  Sarah, 9, has written a full library of books this year, and is hoping to film one soon.  She is very imaginative and dramatic, which is both good and bad, sometimes.  Sarah continues to sing all day long. 

6.   "I want a cup of coffee.  And a cigarette, please."  Pat, 6.  Uh, yeah.  She really said this at the abrupt and almost hilarious end of one of her spectacular tantrums.  Fortunately, we hit upon a new set of "tantrum rules" and she has pretty much stopped a lifelong habit.  Yee, haw!  (Of course, the new habits she picked up that night are keeping her pretty busy.  Just kidding!)
Pat is now officially a reader, and  continues to collect bugs and slimy things.

7.  "Uno Timentos"  Katie.  (Her version of Uno Momento.  Yes, we're quite the bilingual family.)  She's 4, and is still a constant source of amusement.  She shouts "Open Sesamony!"  in front of automatic store doors, and tries to take over as the teacher at Pre-School.  The colored markers, shredded papers, and piles of art everywhere are evidence of her playing preferences.  She is also the biggest helper for EVERYONE!

8.  "Where's my SWIMMIN' SUIT!?!"  Two year old Anna.  She wore one of her many suits most of the summer, and into the fall.  She calls herself "Eevee" after her favorite Pokemon character, and is also heard saying, "Me, too!" a lot.  She has some great dance moves, and sings, "B is for Bubble" all day long.  She is a professional cutie.

9.   "Hmmm…"  Paul still uses his non-committal sigh to communicate, but has used his great computer skills to begin a new job at  He put together a beautiful video tribute to his father at his passing recently.  He is in scouting about as deep as a man can get, and is Sam's leader. 

10.  "Circle Time!"  Jeri.  Preschool, organizing, nagging, driving, reading, blogging.  Same old, same old.

We love you all!  Merry Christmas!


Craig and Rebekah said...

Hi old friends..ok, not THAT old. Loved your Christmas letter. You have us stumped though. Your very beautiful family shows NINE kids, and you only talk of eight of them. Please fill us in! We love you!

Jeri said...

Ho! Ho!
Just a little Christmas joke!

Kristen said...

We all wondered about the extra child was, but only Mayli's brilliant Boise friend thought to look at your blog to see what was up.

Fun letter.

Holly Lin said...

mean, mean, mean!!
I totally noticed...especially since she looks the same age as Brad. I was horribly confused. Nice move, Jeri. :)
love ya...
miss ya...

Anonymous said...

I wondered too Jeri so I decided to ck your blog. You are quite the lady. Miss your sweet spunky personality! We have another girl in our family now. 3 girls! I'll send a Christmas card.
Love Mandy gann

Anonymous said...

And 1 handsome boy of course! This girl has black hair though. Yay

Rexburg Family Photo said...

Too bad she's only on loan- that is one cute baby! Maybe one of the cutest I've seen!

Rexburg Family Photo said...

You can just tell people its one of your family traditions to be holding a baby in your Christmas card and you hate to break with tradition...