Thursday, December 29, 2011

Service Project

This actually happened before Christmas, and I started to write about it.  I now have two seconds to finish it, but it's worth posting, so...

My mom calls me today and asks if she can borrow the kids for a service project.  I think, "Yes!  This is a fabulous idea!" and I enthusiatically commit their evening for them.  She tells me they need work gloves, rakes, etc... and that she will pick the kids up at 4:30.  They are going to help a lady that she visiting teaches who could use a hand...Hey, who cares?  If it:

1)  Gets them outside and working
2)  Gives them a service opportunity, and
3)  Takes them off my hands for a couple of hours


So, at 4:30 they show up and I am agressively "assisting" my oldest 5 with coats and gloves and my parents say, "Let's have a prayer before we go!" 

Uh, OK.  I guess this is a teaching moment?  Whatever. 

So as we're gathering Grandma gives the whole "We're proud of you and your willingness to serve; and we'll all be happy and blessed" pep talk.  (Assuming, of course that my little angels just jumped at the chance to do unpaid manual labor--yup.)

Then she offers a lovely prayer thanking the Lord for this service opportunity and asking that the sweet sister that they're about to serve will feel their love for her and God's love for her and will be blessed.

Wow.  Now we're all in the right spirit, and Grandma and Grandpa start talking about this lady we're gonna serve and how she is always serving others and could maybe use a little help; and again I'm shoving them out the door because I'm trying to wrap some presents; and the house is trashed because of the excessive kid-party we had yesterday and, (let's face it), simply because it's Christmas vacation and we're slobs; and maybe I'll get something done, so--Go!  See ya!  Work hard!

Then Mom turns to me and smiles and says, "The woman we're actually serving is your mother."  Let's get to work!

Then they proceeded to clean the house and the yard for the next hour or two.  Also, they brought pizza. 


I was able to get my stuff done, and the house was clean, and the yard looked awesome, and I didn't even have to cook dinner!

Hot Dang!  Best night ever.  Plus, I just kept making discoveries all week, like my microwave and stove were shiny-clean. 

I felt so grateful and so LOVED!

Thanks, people!


Marlene K said...

awesome mom! awesome kids! and awesome you. what a wonderful gift... I bet it won't be soon forgotten by anyone.

Marlene K said...

Wait--I haven't been to your new home yet--is that your kitchen?????

Mandy said...

I am so thankful to be a part of this awesome family we are in together! That is soooo cool!

Jeri said...

No. This is not even remotely my new kitchen!

It's pretty close to my microwave, though.


bluestocking mama said...

This is AWESOME! I think I'm going to forward this to my mom. Or maybe to my husband. Do you think either one will take the hint?!