Friday, December 9, 2011

My Favorite Things

Some idiot decide that the cute Sound of Music song, "My Favorite Things" was a Christmas song. Then another idiot felt that it could somehow be improved (REALLY?  You're gonna do it better than Julie Andrews?) and that  is the rendition our local radio station used to play, along with an amazing amount of Felice Navidad and that stupid song where the sad, sorry guy bumps into an old lover and they drink in his car and nearly have an affair and somehow this makes us think about the Savior of the World and his upcoming birthday?  Huh.  I don't miss that radio station.  I like this new one where it seems to be OK to be Chrisian on Christmas with Kenny Rogers and "Mary Did You Know" and the MoTabs. 

There was a point to all of this ranting, and I'm getting there.  I was thinking about my favorite things, and here is a partial list, in no particular order:

1.  Crawling back into bed in the middle of the night, knowing that everyone is asleep and all is well.  Then Handsome Prince rolls over to snuggle and he is so strong and nice and I know the HE IS SUCH A GOOD MAN and mine forever!

2.  Being able to comfort a small baby, and the feeling of baby melting into me and how soft and sweet-smelling, and I know that little person with such an intimate knowing.  Heaven is so close!

3.  The feeling of catching a teaching moment and knowing exactly what to say. 

4.  The high of finding a really good sale and triumphantly getting off with the goods.

5.  Having the perfect words arrange themselves before me as I try to place my thoughts.

6.  The feeling that God has used me to bless someone else. 

7.  Having a teen confide in me and listen to my counsel.

8.  The feeling of swinging in a hammock.

9.  A really satisfying book.

10.  Hiding with chocolate.

11.  A hot bath with a good book and some ice cream or cold chocolate.

12.  Sunshine.

13.  Writing and knowing that someone was touched by my words.

14.  Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus"

15.  Salty, savory food.

16.  Clean and order and quiet.

17.  The feeling that I am doing what the Lord wants me to do and that He is near.

18.  Large joyful crowds and amusement parks.

19.  Talking in front of a group when I have profound things to say.  (Most of you reading this won't be surprise to know that I often consider myself quite profound and I greatly enjoy hearing my own lips flap. )

20.  Laughter.

Just for fun, a few things I hate:
1.  Static
2. Sticky
3.  Unkindness
4.  Evil
5.  Hearing my name over and over and over from many sources--everyone needing me at once.
6.  Tattling
7.  Exhaustion
8.  Migraines
9.  Failure/criticism
10.  Offending others
11.  Guilt--I maybe choose the wrong profession for that one
12.  Disappointments
13.  When children are hurt
14.  Innocence mocked

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Amber said...

We have so much in common love. This reminds me of how much I miss you and what a truly awesome person you are! Why did God take you so far away from me?!!!!! I promise to be good if he sends you back?!