Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Miracles

Christmas 2011 highlights:

The Princess worked hard one day to earn some money for Christmas.  I took her and some of the others to the Dollar store later, and as we were leaving, she showed me all the cool stuff she was able to buy herself.  Uh.  I reminded her that we were there to buy Christmas presents, but she reassured me that she had a great idea and that it was all good. 
Christmas morning, I paid special attention to the gifts she had given everyone.  Several of us received some of her old toys and stuffed animals, some got pictures she had drawn, etc...  Cracked me up.  It was a special Christmas Miracle.  Snort.

The day after Christmas I walked out the front door to find "The Hobo Hotel."  Lil' Mama and Mr. Lamadingdong had build a magnificent structure in the front yard out of all the cardboard boxes from the day before.  It was glorious, and they have spent more hours with those dang boxes than with any of the other Christmas stuff.  Hilarious!  I know what they're getting next year...View Day after Christmas.jpg in slide show
(Thanks for the picture, Grandpa!  One might want to ask why we were wearing Halloween capes?..  Nah, goes with the general theme, I guess.)

Mr. Cool came to me after all of the presents were open to comment that his Christmas wish was unfulfilled.  WHAT!!!  Where was the $60 Wii game that I had bought and wrapped?  We looked everywhere.  No game.  The only thing I can think of is that it managed to become a Christmas Miracle for the Sub for Santa 15 year-old boy whose family we helped.  Well, OK.  We finally bought Mr. Cool another copy for himself.  If  the other shows up, we'll return it.  He was a really good sport about the whole thing.  Nice kid.

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