Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of School Glory

  In a nutshell, here are the end of school activities and award shows we have attended lately:

1.  Hope of America 5th grade awards  (Mr. Lamadingdong--He's in the red shirt in front of the flag)  His ENTIRE class earned the award.  We need to nominate that teacher for Teacher of the year.

 The tiny pictures are the only ones that come out clear, I don't know why.  Choose your own picture to enjoy.

2.  7th grade Choir concert.  Lil' Mama was singled out with about 7 others for an "Above and Beyond Award"  for good grades, service and contributions.  Her choir teacher is also fabulous;  she is a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and accompanies the kids on the piano as she leads them.  The night of the concert, the lights kept going out in the auditorium, and she just kept plugging on.  Amazing.

3.  Nellie L's Ballroom Dance recital.  Very enjoyable.
Timpanogos High School Ballroom Dance Concert   Timpanogos High School Ballroom Dance Concert

I would just like to add that along with her unpaid volunteering at the Animal Hospital, Nellie L has finally landed a REAL job at my favorite fast food joint.

4.  The elementary school's Dance Festival that involved Mr. Lamadingdong, Princess, and Little P.

Little P dancing with her Kindergarten buddies about staying cool.

  (I totally missed the Mother's Day hula dancing in Kindergarten.  Wish I could find someone with pictures.)

This is a picture of Princess the day she decided to act as bodyguard for her teacher.  Cool, sister.

This is the best picture I could get of Princess dancing.  She was too far away.  They danced to "Life is a Highway."  She did an awesome hair-whipping break out solo.

Mr. Lamadingdong dancing with his class.  (In the blue.)

6.  Award  Assembly for 7th grade.  (Lil' Mama)  She earned Student of the Year for Keyboarding, and then a High Honor award for having a perfect 4.0 for the year.  She is very smart, but she doesn't coast.  This girl works hard and is almost OCD about extra-credit.  She has over 100% in several classes.  (Do any of the teachers realize that this technically isn't possible?)  We're proud of her.  And we mock her, also.

(At least she didn't earn the perfect attendance award again this year.  I swear it was a clerical error in 5th grade.  Still, it was embarrassing--first, we're laughing behind our hands at the little geeks, then our daughter's name was called.  It will never happen again.)  Her father purposely pulled her from school to go skiing a couple of times this year just for insurance.

'Lil Mama also earned the top score  (98%) in her Algebra standardized testing for all of that teacher's students.  This test was for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade Algebra students.

7.  Award Assembly for 9th Grade.  (Mr. Cool.)  He earned an award from the Jr. Honor Society and a  High Honor award for having a perfect 4.0 for the year.

8.  Kindergarten Graduation. Sigh.  I'm not sure if this counts as an accomplishment.  But it was very cute, anyway.  Plus, there were cookies.  My favorite part was the teacher--she was on her second graduation in as many hours, and looked like she would hurt someone if given half a chance.  Also, the paper hats were coming apart.  Little P had a HUGE wad of gum in her mouth.  One kid (at least) was digging around in his nose.  I was gettin' a little snarky towards the end and whispered to my neighbor, "What!  No diploma presentation ceremony?"  That was just before the diploma presentation ceremony began.  If they had announced a commencement speaker, I would've been outta there.

They told the kids to shake hands with the principal, "Use the one that you use when you say the pledge."  So some of the kids had their hands on their hearts while standing in line.

I was trying to capture the hat situation.  Little P's is standing straight up and hanging by a thread.

The diploma.  Presented to her in a beautiful case, etc...Uh.  Maybe more is less...
The view from my lap...Little K
The Littles and Handsome taking a break from all the boring audience stuff.

School's Out for the Summer!!!

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Jeri said...

Wowser! I am so stinking proud of your whole family. I would try to take some credit somehow, just because they are mine too.However, I have this deep awareness of the Keeley genes. At any rate I know this wouldn't all be happening if they didn't have such a fantastic mom, and I raised her. Well ok maybe you overcame your environment. Just want you to know how happy I am with you all. Love you all,Mom
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