Sunday, April 22, 2012


New shoes for Cinderella.

It's prom time!

L Nellie and I looked online and started to make a shopping plan, when by chance we passed a hole-in-the- wall consignment store with some dresses in the window.  On a whim, we stopped.

Shazam!!!  It was the "Miracle of the Budget Prom Dress."  (I always pray before we shop for a big-ticket item and the Lord always comes through!)

We were able to find TWO dresses for a lot less than we planned on spending for just one.

Grandma provided the bling, and here is the dress-rehearsal hair I gave her.  (I can do fabulous hair with amazing humility, and I have 6 girls, but NO ONE lets me fix them, and NO ONE wants to wear "hair-pretties".  Sigh.  L Nellie will let me do it now, but I don't have time and she's old enough to do it herself...)

This is the dress she'll wear this time. 

I think when I do the real hair, I'll get rid of the part--it's too pronounced.

Bonus prom dress for another day.

I french braided upside down.

Reflections of an Evil Queen
The "Evil Queen" look with Mr. Cool being, well, cool.


Rexburg Family Photo said...

Darling! Oh. Darling darling darling! Shoes darling, hair DARLING, dresss darling (liz darling) So fun. I think the part is cute. I like the hair because its fancy and cute in back but still cute in the front for pictures. Good job! So exciting:) !!!!!!

Mandy said...

I love it! I need to try this on Claire's hair! And I agree with Brenda, the part is cute! Liz looks beautiful! She'll have so much fun!

Cynthia said...

Wow, what a beauty. Good job on the dresses....perfect. Have fun Liz.

bluestocking mama said...

Holy Cow! When did she grow up?!! Beautiful!