Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prom Part II

Well, this year's prom theme at our house could almost be called "Less is More."

The practice 'do was swell, but maybe not enough, so we added flowers.  (Also, Grandma shopped four different parlors for the right hair product.  It really worked!  That hair's not goin' anywhere tonight!)

 You can never have too much jewelry, so we added a bracelet and ring to the ensemble.

I decided to go with her to help her, so I changed into my sweats and housecoat...Just kidding.  ;)

My favorite.

Too many pictures?  No way!

 Right about now, a herd of girls burst in to announce that the date had arrived.

This is who answered the door. 

There will be "Real" pictures, but I needed just one.  (Note the little sister.)
 I hurried them a little--should have let them get their flowers on and pose.  Oh, I should have taken a picture of the corsage.  Dang.  Nice boutonniere, though.  

 Less is more...

My favorite part of the story is where I asked my mom earlier today if she was very involved in my dances.  She just sighed and rolled her eyes.  As the night progressed, I sort of remembered her grabbing stuff and running around and offering ideas, and running around.  The only difference here was that I was quite possibly a tiny bit moody and hard to please, whereas Nellie was agreeable and pleasant and fun.

Well, not to worry, the Mother's Curse will still have a chance to manifest itself in the next 5 girlies.  (Plus, it's bitten me in the butt so many other times, enough's enough!)


Lisa said...

She looks so beautiful! I hope she had a fun time!

Rexburg Family Photo said...

Yay! So great. (Ps- cute date Liz!) Did she have a good time? Whatd they do on their date?

Cynthia said...

Wow what a beauty. What a fun time in her life. By the way, they sort of look like you and Paul.....