Friday, March 16, 2012

Little K

Little K is KILLING me!  She's so dang funny.  Sometimes her little comments are made with a kind-of  breathy country drawl.  She entertains me all day, and I always think I'm going to remember what she did or said, but most of the time I can't even remember by the time Handsome Prince gets home from work.  Lately she's been packed with punches; wish I could remember more.

Here are a few:

  (Essential background information: Little K is completely potty-trained, but she still wears one at night, and a couple of times when her night-time diaper has leaked a little in the middle night, I've just undone the sheet and rolled it up and put her back to bed in dry clothes on a blanket so I wouldn't have to wake up Little P to change the damp sheet.)

Yesterday she crawled into bed with me and noticed that the fitted sheet at the top of Handsome's side of the bed had come loose.  Little K looked at the loose sheet and asked, "Who did this?"
"Daddy.  I'll fix it again when we get up."  I answered, trying to stay asleep.
(Daddy often leaves for work before I get up, and I end up with a pile of snuggle-bugs in the bed with me.)
"Well, where am I supposed to lay?"  Little K demanded.
"You can lay here."  I assured her.
"In the place where Daddy peed the bed!?!"
I don't think she really believed my explanation.

This morning, once again in my bed, Little K was snuggling with the Caboose, who was still dead asleep.  Little K whispered, "Awww...I think this baby really loves me!"  Then louder, "C'mere, you, and give me some kisses!"

This afternoon K and friend Little A were playing, and A started a fake whimpering.  Off the cuff, Little K asked, "You  poor thing, did your parents both die and leave you all alone?"
A weak, "Yes" from Little A.
"Well!"  Declared Little K with her hands on her hips, "I can't help you with that."  (Too, ^&*# bad!  was the tone, here.)
A pause, and then, with a little more compassion, "You're gonna have to turn to Jesus for that kind of thing."

Then later with the same little friend, "It's an AGLET, A-G-L-E-G.  Like, it's the end of the shoelace!  Everybody knows that!"  (She watches way too much Phineas and Ferb.)

She just cracks me up; her mannerisms, voice, and word choices!
I'm just going to add stories to this entry as I go:

3-23-2012  This morning Katie was snuggling with me and said, "Mom, you have bad breath."
I groaned, "I know.  I have it every morning.  It's my job."
"No," she said, "Your job is to brush your teeth!"

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Anonymous said...

Did your parents both die and leave you all alone? hahahahahahahahaha Can I use that? ps cutest picture ever- who IS your photographer......