Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Where would I stand?


I’m reading an insightful little book that a neighbor brought over for us that suggests ways our families can put the Joy of the season back into our homes.

At one point, the author poses the question, “If you could be one character from the Nativity story, who would you want to be?’
I went through each character, and even some of the animals in my mind, and none seemed to fit.  After some pondering, here is my answer:

I want to be the lady next door.  The one who gave Mary cookies when she was little, who was her youth-group leader;  taught her about chastity and honesty and truth.  I want to be the one she confided her news to, the one who accepted her story and loved her and gave her a reassuring hug. Who rejoiced with her, cried with her and worried about her.
I want to help her pack and get ready for her journey, show her the latest trend in newborn swaddling, pray for her and her new husband, watch over her house while she’s gone, and then prepare it for her return.

I don’t want my name, or even my acts recorded in the scriptures.  I just want to hold the tiny Christ-child while Mary bathes and naps after her journey. 

I’ll bring her dinner one night when he’s three-months old and all the hoopla has died down, when Mary is surely exhausted and discouraged and can’t even brush her teeth.  I'll listen quietly to her story.
Then, if she let me, I'd rock Him while she ate, and bury my face in his hair, inhale his Heavenly sweetness, and secretly wish he were mine, as I do with every other baby on the planet

And I’d have the wordless joy of one who is an instrument in His hands.  I’ll feel the sacred delight of holding one of God’s children, fresh from His presence.  THE CHILD.

And like the accompanist who knows that if she has done her job, chances are that no one will have noticed her at all, I will honored to be like so many other angels around us, who serve and build and bless in small ways each day, and change the world one little act at a time. 


Phyllis A. Hussey said...

O, Sweet Jeri, you are that woman. In all the years that I've known you, that woman has always been you. I've watched you comfort other women; I've experienced your joy and nurturing love. You've been an example of sacred love to me and I am a better person because of you. Even though I don't get to see you and spend time with you any more, I carry you, and your Christ-like grace in my heart always. I have been blessed to meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, and even eat your cookies. I love you, girl, and this particular blog entry is everything I would expect from you. Your mom (and dad) raised your right, and I'm blessed to know you.

Rexburg Family Photo said...

Lovely. Lovely prose, lovely meaning.

Ben said...

I don't think I've ever really thought about the nativity in quite this way and your post was great!

Cummings said...

This doesn't have to do with your sweet post...but I just finished reading "Prize Winner of Defiance, OH", and thought how similar and wonderful I think you and Evelyn Ryan are (though Paul and her hubby are thankfully nothing alike!), so I had to scroll through your list of books to see if it was on there...and was glad to see you have already discovered it =) Hope all is well! Thanks for all you do!

bluestocking mama said...

Oh I love this!