Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Newsletter

2013 Keeley Family Newsletter

In the spirit of Lemony Snicket’s picture book, “13 Words” which we highly recommend, each of us has summarized the story of our year in 13 words.  Truth in advertizing:  Each person was allowed to give some input, and then the MOTHER chose the 13 words. 
 13 Words By Lemony Snicket Illustrated by Maira Kalman

Prince:  Family history, scout-master,, hiking, biking, garden, service, wrapped around little fingers

Hot Mama:  The big 4-0, Zupas,,, HEALTHY!, content, important, snuggly, amorous, laundry

L:  College, artistic, hilarious, music, bookworm, fangirl, smartical, animal lover, dancer, survivor, insightful, friend

Mr. Cool:  Casanova, unemployed, university student, football, basketball, stud-muffin, “Strong, silent type,” rarely home

Lil' Mama:  StuCo (Student Council—counts as one word), A Capella, “Lagooned”  actress--Granny/Pirate, hiker, chef, aspiring phone owner, socialite

Mr. Lamadingdong:  Dominion board game Supreme Champion, pizza lover, football, night games, aspiring Eagle, scholar

Princess:  kitty-maker, horse riding, reading, writing, Great American 5th Grade Challenger, piano, artist

Sweet P:  math genius, choir, preparing for baptism, styles own hair, piano, fun with friends

Little K:  Kindergarten, biking, gardening, Daddy’s Girl, crocheting, hilarity, My Little Pony, delicious, hysterical, fishing

Little A:  Princess, potty, cross-eyed, swimming, kitties, big-girl bed, “You’re my BEST friend!”

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