Monday, August 19, 2013

Rocky Mountain Shame

Dear Friends,

I am writing this e-mail/blogpost to let you all in on what has been going on for the past two years with the power company, and to give you a heads-up that have HAD ENOUGH, and taken action.

For the past two years, since we moved here, about every two or three months, Rocky Mountain Power has thoughtfully sent us letters and e-mails informing us that we use considerably more power than our neighbors.  They have employed the use of charts and graphs, and have been trying to shame us into more responsible power use.

You've all seen us in public--it takes a lot more than a little letter or e-mail, even if it's got a colorful pie chart--to shame us.  But they did manage to annoy us, (which it turns out is relatively easy).

So, we rounded up the usual suspects:  the 50 year old geezer-freezer and his companion in the garage need to be replaced.  (Don't tell them, though.   We don't want them to kick the bucket until the energy efficient young'uns come.) The threat of "Death by Laundry" will never end.  There's just not much we can do for that one, and the neighbors who drive across town just to get free sock, underwear and beach towel laundry service will soon turn into the neighbors who leave wet jeans and mittens.

But I think we found a partial solution.

Handsome came home from work talking about a co-worker who is doing a bunch of remodeling.  He just had RadiaSource installed, and then spent a 100* weather weekend without air conditioning.  The house stayed 80's cool.  The guy's brother in construction is putting it in all his homes now.

We researched the stuff:

We talked to Zane (One of the owners) and     another guy whose name I can't find or remember, but who is the creator of a new movement that is taking off on Facebook called The Service Journal.  He'll have a blog  up and running soon, along with a book, I think. (Go like him on Facebook--it makes him really happy.)

Anyway.  This is a good company, a great product, and awesome people.


It was fast, affordable, and we are very happy.

Don't be alarmed.  Chances are you won't be getting any shame mail from Rocky Mountain Power anytime soon.  

We'll still be takin' one for the team, I'm sure.  

The new insulation blanket won't stop the heathens from leaving the doors open when it's 100* outside, or -20, either.

Ma and pa Frigidaire will still limp along in the garage, and the washer and dryer will spin endlessly.

But our house is a lot more comfy, and our air conditioner has stopped screaming for mercy.

If you decide to call Zane, tell him you heard about Radiasouce from me.  I told him I'd blog about our experience, (I know, right?  I've got a blog, blah, blah, blah...)  And he said if anyone read it and said that they were referred by me he'd give me $50.  

I'll then use some of that money to pay it forward and support the Service Journal stuff his partner is doing.  (I LOVE that idea!  Can't wait to follow his blog; hint, hint.  I've started a service journal.)

We're really convinced that this is making a difference in the heating/cooling of our home.  We love this product!

This is the first and probably only paid advertisement you'll find on this blog.  (And I only get paid if someone uses it and mentions me.)

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