Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Hope

I Hope That When My Children See Me, They See:

Me on my knees,
That I light up when they enter the room,
A life of quiet generosity.

I hope they remember that I took care of myself, 

And of them.
I hope they understood that I set goals, made mistakes, forgave others and myself, fell down, got up and tried again.

I don't want to be the mother who was too busy, who wouldn't listen, who despised her own body, who was selfish, unforgiving or gossiped.  I refuse to be the one who was critical, unapproachable, who betrayed trusts.

When a child leaves my home, I hope it is with the knowledge that they are loved, that life is good, that there is a place for them, that they can have peace.  That it is OK to try and fail and try again. That they are a person of great worth.  That Charity, Wisdom and Humility are great foundational building blocks.  That God is real and He hears and answers prayers.  

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