Monday, October 15, 2012

Pow!!! Right in the Kisser!

Once upon a time, in the land of Nellie, the Hot Mama became seriously ticked off at and hurt by the Handsome Prince.(Gasp!)

She was really quite emotional.  This was not an exhaustion or hormone-related disturbance.  In her mind, it was a "Big D" kind of deal.

How to approach the situation?
1.  Get a good night's sleep.  

2.  Pray about it.  

3.  Try to be rational and pleasant.

4.  Another good night's sleep.

5.  Cry and growl and storm (In private.)

6.  Pray again.

7.  Go to temple where Satan can't add his two cents.  

8.  Pray some more.  

9.  Cry some more, for good measure (in private.) Pout discreetly (or not so much, but no one notices.) 

10.  Temple one more time.  (Added bonus) 

11.  Wait for relatively good time.  Alert said prince to need for a discussion with humor, "Hey, do you wanna talk about our relationship?"  (This is a trick question--I've never met a man who can answer that one honestly or with a straight face.)  "How about our relationship and our feelings?"

12.  Get him alone--NOT in front of the little people.  This one is more difficult than it seems.  

13.  Communications 101:   "When you_________,  I feel _____________."  Always try really hard not to hit below the belt, dredge up already resolved stuff, and never use absolutes like "always" and "never."  (OK, I dredged, but I apologized later.)  Also, I may have been a bit unreasonable.  BUT, I had some valid points, and I was festering.  Festering is not good.

14.  Accept apology.  Kiss and make up.

Then they all lived happily ever...Wait.

15.  One more night's sleep.  (Everything's relative, of course.)

16?  HP's well thought-out REBUTTAL  (um...)

Whoa, whoa WHOA, Nellie!  There are two ways to look at this!?!  Huh.

Being the prince that he is, HP played fair, and (sigh) even made some reasonable points.  (And he is just so dang golden to begin with.) I apologized.  We'll both work on giving each other the benefit of the doubt.

    or     Tee, hee!

Cue the sparkles, cue the music:

We cleared the air, shared our deepest feelings, and (mostly) resolved the conflict(s).

I love you, Handsome Prince! 

And they lived, married, ever after.

And we both know I was right.

Again, I apologize to all those whom I have stolen images and clip art from, I promise, I'm not benefiting financially from it.  Thanks for sharing your amazing talents on Google Images.  Everyone's welcome to whatever original material  I share.

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