Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eagle Court of Honor

Well, Mr. Cool finally had his big Eagle Court of Honor.  Here are some pictures.  I sure am proud of that young man!  It's awe-inspiring to see him grow and put off some of the silly to exchange it for reverence and dignity.  He is hard-working, capable, and dependable.

A lot of great men poured manhood into this boy!

It was fun to see him exercising some character traits that he mostly keeps safely packed away so as to not damage his image. 

Here he is being humble--WOW:

Brotherly, friendly and helpful:
What fine, upstanding youth! 

They clean up real good!
(Who knows what's going on behind the Dudley Do-Right smiles, though.)
(I had a most-convenient migraine that day, but mercifully my dad had some narcotics that held it at bay. Not my best day for pictures--and where is Brenda with her Photoshop editing skills when I need her!?! 'Cause even when it's all about Mr. C, it's really all about me. ;)       )
They turned the time over to him at the end. He spoke clearly, in FULL SENTENCES, and with dignity! He thanked people! Again, WOW!   Who'd uv thunk it?

(Uh, turn your head sideways.  I'm apparently unable to fix this glitch.  No worries.)

Little P, all dressed in white--what were we thinking!?!--you gotta love the socks!

We miss our great friends!

Thanks for taking the pictures and for the steak dinner afterwards, Grandpa!

A few memorable mishaps:
--Left his shirt, sash thingy and merit badges at home.  Had to borrow from a friend.
--Missed the original Court of Honor with his friend.  Rescheduled for the next day.  Oye! 
--Previously mentioned migraine along with general hormonal instability (mine, not his).
--Arrived home in time to kick him out the door for his High Adventure 50 mile hike.

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Jeni said...

Wow. Congratulations to both of you! I'm sure you put a lot of work into it all as well. Awesome!!