Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Mama

Family Sitting in Church  - Vendor: iClipartOn a recent Sunday, the Nellie Family sat dressed, clean and EARLY for the 9:00 am Church meeting.  Afterwards, I taught a spiritual, prepared, well received Sunday School lesson to Mr. Cool's class.

Retro Mom with a Plate of Homemade Cookies - Vendor: iClipart
Then a beautiful family lunch, which a friend and I also delivered to another friend and her family who live in a temporary Crazy-Land.  (If you ever make it out of there, you ought to remember those who remain!)

Pretty Redheaded Retro Style Woman - Vendor: iClipartI spent the afternoon giving each Nellie individual "Sabbath Conference" time; coordinating calendars, setting goals, making to-do lists, etc...Planned for an Eagle Court of Honor, Girls' Camp 4th year hike, Scout physical appointment, famly campout, Weblos day camp, Boy Scout High Adventure 50-miler, Cub Scout Pack Meeting, Drama Class and final performance, birthday party, two upcoming famly reunions and a baptism.  (Whew!)

Proud Girl Holding Up the Sun Picture She Drew - Vendor: iClipartI worked on the Personal Progress Program with two YW Nellies (And signed off my last one!  I earned it again!  Go, me!) Signed off several Weblos achievements, delivered several various scout forms to two different locations.  We waded through 6 pages of the cute Preparing for Baptism workbook, started a new Faith in God workbook, and colored in the Littles' Sunday books. 

Retro Woman At Your Service - Vendor: iClipartWaffles and Ice Cream for our traditional Breakfast For Dinner Sunday meal--yeah, Mom!  Had Family Scriptures, Prayer and typical bedtime routine for almost everyone

Then I fell into bed completely exhausted and DISCOURAGED.

Discouraged?  Completely and totally.  Beat myself up good.

Cartoon of a Spoiled Little Boy Throwing a Fit clipartWell, after dinner and then during the next hour and a half, Little P had thrown a "Grand-Mal Tantrum." Her bedtime routine that night had been anything BUT. 

The entire tantrum was a power-struggle over the word, "Please."

Cartoon of a Woman with Insomnia - Vendor: iClipartAnd although for the most part we were remarkably patient, calm and gentle; and in spite of the eventual surrender and loving finale; I couldn't stop second-guessing myself about the root cause of the disturbance; maybe her diet, or my parenting skills, or behavioral tecniques, propensity towards ingrown toenails; everything remotely guilt-inducing was brought to the table.  How had I failed?  Any suggestions were welcomed and accepted--irrational or otherwise. 

Handsome Prince's thoughts on the matter?  "She sure is strong-willed, isn't she?"  Then he rolled over and fell asleep.
Dad Asleep in His Hammock - Vendor: iClipart

Why, when I should have felt like a million bucks, did I feel more like $1.50? 

How could I have spent the entire day immersed in God's work, serving His children and then forget that I am also His Daughter?

Mary and the Resurrected Jesus ChristMercifully, He reminded me. 

Jesus Christ paid the price for me, because I will always fall short.  Oh, how I love Him!

Sure glad tomorrow is a new day.

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Holly said...

so good to know that I am not the only one who falls into the same emotions after a whirlwind day. Love you...lots. Thanks for the reminder.