Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh, That I Were an Angel!

Oh, that I were an angel
And could have the wish of my heart

I would spend my days
Soothing the troubled
Relieving pain
Protecting from evil
Strengthening courage
Lessening fears
Feeding the hungry...

Yea, I would feed the hungry,
While singing, caressing,
Or just enjoying a good book
In my cozy rocker, with my warm, fragrant baby.

But alas,
My body wearies,
The "Big Guns" are floppy and sag.
I MUST wean the caboose.

But she's so dang cute; and asks so nicely
For just ONE more time.

The old grey  mare, she ain't what she used to be...
And enough is enough.

But I hope that eternity finds me
In a rocking chair
(With some chocolate and a good book)
Loving a baby.

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