Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm not messing with ya

OK.  I'm officially blogging.  I have no idea what I'm doing, or how to share it, but I'm going to do it and stick to it.  (Not like the last time I started a blog and then got pregnant.  This blog will stick.) 

I'm constantly thinking in "reporter mode" and I'll often narrate my life as I go throughout my day for self-entertainment.  I need to have a place to just jot things down before I forget them.  So...I will be blogging in a self-centered way--this isn't really a "family web site" as far as equal coverage goes.  It will be more like a "whatever I want it to be today" sort of thing. 

Just jumping right in.

Took the kids and one of  L Nellie's friends to Lagoon by myself last Friday.  Lots of fun.  Let oldest Nellies go off together to meet up every couple hours, and I made them each take a turn coming with me and the littles. 

Was a lot more fun earlier this month when it was O day and the Handsome Prince was with me, but it worked.

 Favorite part:  At the end of the day, I took the 3 youngest Nellies and let the older ones do one last ride.  P and K rode Bulgy the Whale about  four times while we waited. Wish I had a picture of them on that cute, piddling little ride with their arms up roller-coaster style, unadulterated joy on their faces!  Whoooeee!!!

Beautiful day, not too crowded, lots of fun. 

Last 20 minutes in the car on the way home was a glimpse of Hell.  Let's just say I'll be on the straight and narrow for a long time after that little preview.


Analisa said...

I love reading your should write a book. But I have to know what the "glimpse of hell" was all about...

Holly said...

I could not be more excited about the announcement of your blogging ventures!! Imagine me doing cartwheels (if I could). I'm hoping that my constant harassment about starting a blog had something to do with this... ;) Of course, I'm always trying to take credit where credit's never due.
Love you to pieces...

Mandy said...

I'm with Ana. I think you are a FANTASTIC writer! I'm excited to keep up with your blog! GREAT JOB!