Monday, February 27, 2017

Mr. Lamadingdong and The Physics of Roller Coasters

Here is a short synopsis of my amazing trip:

First, I did initiatories and Sam did baptisms in the St. George Temple.  It was super-cool inside:  everything had a pioneer theme, from the drapes to the carpets to the artwork.

Then, we rode this:  Desperado in Nevada

In 1994 it held the Guiness World Record for height and speed.  It was the first one I’d ridden in a long time, besides Bomborrra in Lagoon, and I was so stoked that I didn’t get sick—also proud of me for being such a cool mama.

Then we drove to CA and the next day we inadvertently visited a Spanish Ward after a couple near-death driving experiences to get there.  I slobbered all over those CA Elders. (Maybe I mentioned this a couple of times.   I really miss you, and that didn’t help!)

We went to the California Science Center and saw the real space shuttle Endeavor. It’s crazy-amazing to me how much scientific progress in EVERY area we’ve made in the past few years!  And if you think about how much progress was not made until the gospel was restored, it just blows my mind how the whole world blossomed when the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood were thrown back into it!

Then I rode this at Knott’s Berry Farm:  The Xcelerator which goes 82 mph.  The entire roller coaster is only 20 seconds long, but that is long enough.

Then we learned about the physics of roller coasters, Newton’s laws, electromagnetic energy, waves and light, etc… in two 3-hour classes behind the scenes at Disneyland.  It was geek heaven, and I was intensely happy!

We rode California Screamin’ 3-4 times, and got to ride one roller coaster with a measurement thing that helped us to measure the g-forces exerted on the ride.
I loved the Tower of Terror clear up until they dropped us 183 feet straight down.  If I never go on that one again, it will be too soon. (Three times is enough.)
We had two days of classes and then another full day at Disneyland.
It’s a Small World was still doing its Christmas thing, so I made Sam ride it with me.
One of the nights we went to Medieval Times where we ate dinner with our hands, served by a Serving Wench and watched a jousting tournament and horse show in an arena right in front of us.  We all wore color-coded Burger King-type hats that corresponded with the knight we were cheering for.  Our knight got creamed by the good-looking knight probably owned by the “We paid full price” audience.  (Our $40 tickets were actually half price!  Imagine paying $80 for one meal!)  One of the boys in our group bought a real dagger while we were there.  It was fancy and cool!

On our way home we stopped at Six Flags and I rode the X2, which was a really cool 4-D roller coaster and the Viper, that went upside down SEVEN TIMES.  (Too much.  Hated that one.  Loved the X2.)  The X2 fire-blower wasn’t working that day, which was fine!

Then I tanked up on caffeine and we limped home.  California is not my favorite place to drive—the roads are bad, and quite a few times I found myself in the SLOW LANE driving 85 mph in a 70 mph zone.  I’m guessing you’ve maybe experienced this.

I came home tired and supremely happy.

Today, (Friday the 30th) I went to a bunch of workshops about girls’ camp, which they apparently take pretty seriously around here.  This is the second meeting, so I’m already 5 ½ hours into it, and we haven’t even started talking about our own stuff.  The first meeting was a stake one, and this one today was regional or area, with a bunch of workshops.  Ho, boy!

Ironically enough, today’s keynote speaker said that Girls Camp should be “Simply beautiful, and beautifully simple.”  Apparently there is a lot of decorating, bling, fingernail art, etc. happening when there should be nature stuff going on.  I forget about adult drama because I’m in Primary. Here are two good quotes, “We cannot lose ONE young woman” Jeffrey R. Holland.
“You are living in the “eleventh hour.” The Lord has declared that this is the last time that He will call laborers into His vineyard to gather the elect from the four quarters of the earth.2 And you were sent to participate in this gathering. Again and again I have seen firsthand the powerful influence of True Millennials as they bring others to a knowledge of the truth. This is part of your identity and your purpose as the seed of Abraham!3
You will have days when you will be thoroughly discouraged. So, pray for courage not to give up! You will need that strength because it will become less and less popular to be a Latter-day Saint. Sadly, some whom you thought were your friends will betray you. And some things will simply seem unfair.
However, I promise you that as you follow Jesus Christ, you will find sustained peace and true joy. As you keep your covenants with increasing precision, and as you defend the Church and kingdom of God on the earth today, the Lord will bless you with strength and wisdom to accomplish the impossible.”  Becoming True Millennials by Russell M. Nelson
Well, hopefully your letters are starting to trickle in at a steady pace again.  I love you, pray for you, and hope all is well.  I have great confidence in you!

Update 2-27-2017  Unfinished, but included in the book.  Someday I'll maybe add pictures

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