Friday, February 19, 2016

Little K 2015

Oh, my sunshiney Little K!  How I love this little spark of happiness!
2015 was a great year for her--she had fun vacations, did soccer and t-ball and swimming.  There were family reunions, fun with friends, and lots and lots of learning.
She learned to ski!

She played Soccer, with Daddy as her coach.
 And baseball.Image result for t-ball clipart
She hit the ball super-hard and was so fun to watch!
Pat's b-day party March 2015
Goofing off at Aunt Lisa's
At Thanksgiving Point for a work party.
Bridal Veil Falls
Family Vacation!  We visited Grandma and Becky in Boise and then headed for Portland to stay with family.

We spent a week with the Jones Family near Seattle--most fun vacation EVER!  We spent time in the ocean and at the lake, We boated and canoed and splashed and played and had a great time!
In Seattle the big kids did an underground tour and the moms and littles did a Duck Tour around Seattle.  The Jones home was a vacation destination in and of itself, complete with pool, hot tub, zip line, and a whole gaggle of little girls!  They had worm races (wrapped in blankets) and watched movies and played games.

Then it was off to Idaho for the family reunion.

Singing "You are my Sunshine" with the ukulele and then in a silly way with funny hats for the talent show.

Helping a cousin with a magic trick

We couldn't have a year without camping--even if Mom was recovering from MAJOR SURGERY, so we grabbed our fun neighbors and headed for Zion's National Park, Arches National Park, and every temple and museum in between.

Miss K is preparing for baptism for when she turns 8 in May.  She's been doing workbook pages on Sundays to help her prepare.  She also reads the scriptures every day.  She'll get to be baptized with her buddy Little A. (Pictured next to Lil' Mama below.)

Then it was back to school!  Miss K started 2nd Grade with the best teacher!  We love Mrs. Murray! 

Miss K was the 1st Student of the week this year for her school!

Between ski trips, Miss K and her daddy have outdoor adventures like this one:

They built and then slept overnight in this igloo with Miss P and Hotchi.

Little Miss K has gone up several reading levels in the past year, and is doing SO WELL in school!  Like her teacher says, she is a great friend, and is loving and kind.  If I had to sum it up in only two words, I would say Miss K is Perpetually Happy!  What a light she is to the world!

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