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12 Days of Girls' Camp Skit

I was asked to write the skit for girls' camp this year.  Here it is for your reading enjoyment.  You're welcome to steal the idea, modify it or just plain use it as is, UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE TIMPVIEW, UT STAKE! 
(I just learned that we can only have 10 props TOTAL, so we'll have to tweak it.  *^#@!)  Here it is in all its glory, untweaked.  
I apologize to my non-LDS friends, there are "church words"  and songs unique to the LDS church.  You could easily modify it for another denomination's youth group or scout troop.  "Beehives" are the youngest girls in the group--ages 12-14, "Laurels" are the oldest, 16-18 years old.  I have no idea where the names came from.  Some things we just take on faith ;).
The 12 Days of Girls’ Camp Cast Parts:
This skit will act out the 12 Days of Girls' Camp, each number building on the next an running back down the numbers in the same style of the 12 Days of Christmas song.  It should go really quickly, about 3-5 min total.  It is hopefully flexible enough that no one has to really memorize anything, and they can ham it up with costumes and actions.  There are some parts for girls who would rather be quiet, and some for the spazzes.  I think that the only ones who really need much rehearsal are the 3 dancing beehives, the 5 singers, and the #1 who will keep things going quickly.
#1 One girl.  Keeps the skit going quickly.  Center of stage.  Can pace or sit or just stand there.  She’ll need to be really aware of what’s going on, and able to keep the entire thing going.
#2  Two Laurels.   Left stage, each in a sleeping bag, with pillows, teddy bears, blankets, etc...ready for bed.  Could be in PJs with hair up.  They start out tired, and get progressively snarky and exasperated as the skit progresses.
#3 Three Dancing Beehives.  Next to the Laurels, behind #1.  Each has a paper grocery bag behind them with their props in it.  (We might want to get with them and help them rehearse the dances and learn their order.)  They are bouncy, full of sugar, and get more boisterous as the skit goes on.
             Prop bags: Each one:  Bandannas, sombrero (Only one.  Not one each.) Sunglasses, white handkerchief, Hawaiian leis, feather boas.
#4 Hikers.  Each has a backpack.  Off stage, they march across the stage when it's their turn the first time, then just march around wherever they want to go each other time.  Ist hiker is leader.  They start out in lock-step, fresh and ready, get progressively more haggard.
#5 At least 2 girls, but can have as many as you like.  They will be the only ones singing, and they will sing every time. Depending on the size of the stage, they can just enter and leave on their turn, or they could just stay there frozen until their turn.  (They could also use a little rehearsal beforehand, and their leader could have a list of the order of the songs written on her hand or something.) They’ll ham it up, sway with arms around each other, etc…Their energy level stays the same throughout the skit.
#6  At least 2 girls, but can be up to 6.  They start on the front Right stage, and stay there the entire time.  One girl is the "Campfire"  she sits on the stage with brown sheet over her shoulders--could paint logs on sheet, etc.  She wears a big wig painted orange and teased into a huge "fire" shape, and can even put some streaks of orange/red paint on her face.  She is literally the fire.    One or more girls sit around the "fire" on their camp buckets with sticks, roasting marshmallows over the fire.   Each stick has 6 marshmallows on it.  They’ll seem a little bored.  The fire cannot smile.
#7 At least one girl, but could be more.  This one  (Or divided up between however many girls) will be wearing and holding 7 or more camp crafts:  A tie-die t-shirt, some boondoggle, maybe a decorated visor or headband on her head, some decorated flip-flops, or a popsiscle stick craft, a painted pillow-case over her arm, etc...
They will just come on and off the stage each time it's their turn.
#8  One or two girls covered in first aid materials.  Arm slings, bandaids, crutches maybe, splints, head wrapping, etc...
#9 Potgut feeders.  One or two girls.  No costume or props, just imagination.
They’ll start out so fun with the rodents, run out of food, and eventually be overcome by the greedy little potguts who will be attacking them.
 #10  Snipe Hunt:  a couple of beehives with sticks or nets or pillowcases.  Need wide-eyed, innocent young girls for this one.  Maybe ponytails and freckles.
#11  One or more girls wearing life jackets. 
The 12 Days of Girls’ Camp Skit:
#1 is standing center front holding a tub of honey.  On R of stage, the campfire scene is set up.  On L of stage, 2 Laurels are set up with sleeping bags, etc.  Nearby are the 3 dancing Beehives, back to the audience.   Everyone else is off stage and will enter when it is their turn.
#1 starts the skit with:
"On the first day of girls' camp my leader gave to me...this tub of honey.  I don't know why, but she asked me to hold it the entire time we're here.”
(#1's job is to keep the skit going quickly, by either pointing to or turning to look at whomever is next.  The audience will also follow her lead and it will keep them up on what is going on.)
#2 The two Laurels sit up in their sleeping bags, stretch, yawn, and one of them says, 
"On the 2nd day of girls' camp my leader gave to me...two tired Laurels.
They lay down  until their next turn.
#1  "And this tub of honey.  Whatever."
#3  The Beehives turn and one of the three beehives says,
"On the 3rd day of girls' camp my leader gave to me...three dancing Beehives!"  The 3 beehives have been standing around the sombrero on the ground and as soon as she says this, they do a short Mexican hat dance, all of them da dum-ming the tune and making fun sounds like “Ole!” and “arriba!”    Then they turn and get their bandannas on around their necks.  They stay with their backs to the audience until their next turn.
#2 The Laurels, looking at the beehives  yell, 
#1 "And this jar of honey."
#4  Four hikers march across the stage and the leader shouts in time to the march,
"On the 4th day of girls' camp the leader gave to me FOUR campers hiking"
They stop march away quietly go to wherever they will march next.
#3 Dancing beehives turn around and one says,
"3 dancing beehives" they start with a short square dance and the one who spoke this time does the calls while stomping her foot and clapping her hands.  The other two dance. "Swing your partner round and round"  they all yell stuff like "Yee, Haw!"
Then they turn around and take off the bandannas and grab the sunglasses.  They have their backs to the audience.
#2 They sit up and one yells at the beehives, "It's 2:00 in the morning!"  
#1  "Still holding the honey."
#5  The singing girls all sing to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas,
"On the 5th Day of Girls' Camp my leader gave to me, Five corny campsongs!"  
They then turn to each and do a quick chorus with actions of "Just give me milk, moo, moo, moo, moo. Just give me that milk, moo, moo, moo, moo!"
#4 Girls start marching again and leader yells, "4 hiking campers!" and they start to whistle the hiking song for a few seconds.
#3 One of the dancers says, "Three Dancing Beehives" and they do some hip-hop dancing to their own beat.  Then they turn around and grab the white handkerchiefs for the Jewish dancing.
#2 Laurels groan loudly
#1 Holds up honey.
#6  One of the campfire girls waves her marshmallow stick and says, "On the 6th day of girls' camp my leader gave to me...6 roasted marshmallows."
#5 sings together, "Five lovely camp songs."  Then switching tunes "Found a peanut, found a peanut…."
#4 Hikers march while leader yells, "Left, Left, Left-Right, Left!  4 hikers hiking!"
#3 One girl says "3 Beehives dancing!  Mazeltov!"  They dance around in a circle with the handkerchiefs in their hands like a Jewish dance.  Then they put the leis around their necks for the next time.
#2 One Laurel throws the teddy at the beehives.  "Go to bed!"
#1 asks the universe,  "Anyone have any ideas about why I'm holding this tub of honey?"
#7 Comes onstage with all her crafty stuff and says, "On the 7th Day of Girls' Camp my leaders gave to me, 7 artsy crafts."
Leaves until it is her turn again.  (If there is more than one girl, they can take turns talking.)
#6  "6 Roasting marshmallows"
#5 Singing, "5 silly campsongs!  Look Down, look down, don't look her in the eye."
#4 "Four hiking girls"  They’re getting tired.  “Keep striving!”
#3 All three girls announce: "Three dancing Beehives!  Aloha oye, Aloha oye..." 
No costume for ballroom dance next time.
#2 One of the Laurels threatens, "Come a little closer, honey, and we'll give you a Hawaiian Punch!"  with threatening fists.
#1  "Still STRIVING to hold this honey!"
#8 First aid victims stagger on the stage and one says, "On the 8th day of girls' camp my leader gave to me...8 first aid training sessions."
#7  Quick appearance on stage, "7 artsy crafts"
#6 Quickly says, "6 gooey marshmallows"
#5 Quickly sing, "5 corny camp songs.  Some day, I’ll be his wife, We’ll have eternal life, Oh how I love that Mormon Boy!"
#4 Quickly, picking up the hiking pace, "Only Four more miles, girls!"  girls  groan.  The next time they will be sprawled out like they've collapsed.
#3 "Three Dancing Beehives"  Two of them ballroom dance together.
Feather boas for next time.
#2 "Two Laurels, trying to get some sleep here!"
#1 " Still got the honey."
#9  Girls come on stage.  Pretending to coax the imaginary rodents to their food, one of the girls says  "On the 9th day of girls' camp my leader gave to me...9 darling potguts!"
#8  "8 first aid lessons"  (They could stay on stage if there's room.)
#7 "7 craft projects"
#6 "6 marshmallows.  I'm getting sick."
#5 "5 corny camp songs. 99 Bottles of pop on the wall, 99 bottles of pop."
#4 Hikers are sprawled on the ground.  Leader sits weakly and says, "c'mon girls, we need to STRIVE!"
#3 All together, "3 dancing beehives!"  They then do the high kick dance line.  Knee, kick, knee kick.  No costume for next which will be tap dancing badly.
#2 Looks of disbelief.  "Seriously?"
#1  Holds up honey.
#10 Girls with snipe hunt paraphernalia creep quietly across the stage, “On the 10th day of girls’ camp, my leader gave to me, a Snipe Hunt!”
#9  Girls run crazily across the stage like they’ve run out of food and the potguts are swarming them.  “Nine hungry potguts!
#8  “Eight first-aid lessons.  Someone help me get this tourniquet off!” Stay on stage
#7 “7 crafts!”
#6  “Six Marshmallows”
#5 “Five Crazy camp songs.  Toe-knee chest-nut knows I love you.”
#4 When #1 looks for the hikers, they’re limping around the stage, and they can’t talk. They just wave her off and #3 starts dancing.
#3 “Three Beehives dancing!”  They noisily do their best ballet moves.
#2 Laurels throw their pillows at the beehives.
#1  “Honey”
#11  Girls in life jackets come on stage and one says, “On the 11th day of girls’ camp my leaders said to me, ‘Row! Row! Row! Row!’ (eleven times)”  When she says the Row!  EVERY GIRL in the skit rows with them.
#10  “Here snipey, snipey!”
#9   Girls beating rodents out of their hair push past the snipe hunters and knock them down
#8 “Uh, I think we need some real first aid over here!”
#7 “Still Feelin’ Crafty!”
#6 “Still roasting marshmallows!”
#5  “Five lovely campsongs!” Put arms around the first aid victim(s)  and injured snipe hunters and sing, “We’ll comfort the weary and strengthen the weak.”
#4 Front hiker looking confused, “I think we’re lost, guys.”
#3  Still totally exhuberant “Three Beehives Dancing! Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo!” Alternating knee bends. 
#2 “We’re gonna rip off your toes! Go to bed already!”

#1  “She asked me to hold the honey, so I’m holding the honey already.”
#1 Looks straight ahead and announces dramatically, “And on the twelfth day of Girls’ Camp…”
#12  Before anyone can do anything, everyone but the honey girl sees the bear on the LEFT side of the stage.  They point and scream and run off the stage to the RIGHT.  At least one of the girls needs to scream, “Bear!”
#1 One looks around, realizes that she’s holding the honey, screams, and runs off the stage saying, “I don’t wanna hold the honey anymore!”
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