Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Official Keeley Family Newsletter 2014

Here is the final newsletter, with the names changed for the blog.  Pictures were included in the one sent in the mail.
Keeley Family 2014
Christmas Newsletter
Final product written by Mayli Keeley (16)

anna (4).  She ahs been learning her ABCs with Mamoose.  Hence, the alphabet newsletter. 
Bite.  Hotchi likes to bite.  (Hotchi is our new dog.) 
 College.  BYU-ID to be exact, is where Liz (20) is enjoying herself. 
Dad.  Amazing Scout leader, fantastic Dad (old).  Takes us on fun trips; like to Goblin Valley with our  
            Luggable Loo.
Elephant.  We don’t have a pet elephant.
Friends.  Our house if full of them all the time.
Games.  Whether it’s football or Dominion, Sam’s (14) all for it!
 Hike.  Mom has strong opinions sometimes on this subject.
I’m in charge!  Mom said so!” –Kate (6) and Anna.
Jalepeños.  Andrew (18) made a hot sauce out of Habanero.  But to some Jalepeño, Habanero, it is the 
            same: HOT!
 Kale.  Kate is our gardener, although there was no kale in our garden.
 Left behind.  They tried to abandon Mayli at a campground.
Math.  Kate loves seeing big numbers on calculators, and everyone is
              swell at math.
aNcestry.com.  Dad works at Ancestry.com
Optimistic.  Kate is so happy and full of sunshine!
Poison.  “Can we make some poison, Mommy?  I’ll wear a helmet?” –Anna
Questions.  Asking repeatedly usually doesn’t get you what you want, you know.
Rest.  Mom and Dad wish they could have a full-night’s rest of no kids climbing into their bed.
Sleep.  Hotchi is a professional sleeper.  This is his only trick.
Tricky Pat (8) always has something to show, whether it be climbing a lamppost or doing skateboard ticks.
Underwear.  There is a lot of laundry to do in our house.
Video games.  New Zelda and Smashbro games are what Andrew likes to play.
Writer.  Sarah writes, draws, creates many things and takes on many projects.
Xylophone.  We have a piano.  We don’t need more noise.
Yodeler.  If you ever need a bathroom yodeler, Kate’s got your back.
Zoo.  Our house can be like a zoo at times.

Contest.  Okay, we already had a C, but we want to know which newsletter you like better:  this one where Mayli taught you your letters, or the one where Mamoose tried to lie about the dog.  (The boring one full of lies can be found at the previous blog post “Rejected 2014 Christmas Newsletter”  The scandalous/hilarious first newsletter has sadly been destroyed.)

Merry Christmas!

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Julie said...

I laughed when I saw your entry for the letter "R". Erik and I would like the same thing!!!