Friday, May 23, 2014

Write My Name On It!


My three-year-old has been coming to me several times a day with a random treasure in her hand.  "Mom!  Can this be mine forever?"  She asks breathlessly.  Then, before I can answer, she adds, "Write my name on it, OK?"

The object she REALLY NEEDS can be as something as insignificant as a rock or a sticker, or as 'important' as the birthday present her sister just received the day before.

Sometimes I'll stop what I'm doing and write her name on the back of a snail, or dollar-store toy, and sometimes I remind her that she is holding something that belongs to someone else.  (Whereupon she will innocently persist, "Just write my name on it, OK?")  

Because once it has her name on it, the case is closed and it belongs to her forever, apparently.

I was thinking about how Jesus stated, "I have graven thee on the palms of my hands" --Isaiah 49:16  and that He also asks us to enter into His fold and take His name upon us, thus becoming Christians.

Even a three-year-old understands how important the concept is.  

It's amazing to me that my Savior would even want me to belong to Him forever, and yet He humbly asks me, waits, and never compels.  I'm honored to take His name upon me, and hope that I will never forget Who owns me.

This morning as I snuggled with Little A she said, "Mom, I sure do love you!"  I responded, "You are mine forever, and I am gonna write my name on you!"  (Maybe I should show her my stretch marks and let her see she's already left her mark on me.)

The gospel of Jesus Christ is sometimes unbearably sweet.

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