Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Sunday Conferencing Format

I try to chat with each child on Sundays, asking them to keep a Sunday journal as we talk.  I have kept good notes, but the kids won't use their notebooks.  
SO, I will now give each child one of these to fill out each Sunday, and then try to talk about the stuff that they thought most important.  Either way, they will be journaling, I will have an agenda, and all will be right in the world.  I usually serve candy as we conference and study Preach My Gospel.  Now, the filled out form will be the prerequisite to any candy distribution.



Answer all questions with at least one word, please.  Then choose 3-4 that you’d like to be sure to share.
Short journal entry of the week:

1.  What was the BEST part of your week?

2.  What was the WORST part of your week?

3.  What goal(s) did you accomplish?

4.  Tell about a healthy choice you made.

5.  Tell about a way that you served.

6.  Tell about a time when you felt the Spirit.

7.  How are you doing with scripture study, prayer, patriarchal blessing study?

8.  Personal Progress, Scouting, Faith in God.

9.  Finances—goals and accomplishments.

10.  Do you have anything you want to talk about with me or Dad?  Do you need anything?  Calendar items.

11.  What was your job this week?  How did you do?

12.  What are your jobs this week?

13.  How is school?

14.  What do you hope to accomplish this week?

*In Dec of 2014 I modified this, and now I write each child a short note at the beginning of their conference sheet each week. I also personalized each child's sheet with the questions I ask, and I add comments to some of the questions.  All the stuff I add is in read.  Then, as we conference, I can personalize things better.  I also punch holes in the paper and am saving them all in a binder.  I have a conference sheet for myself, and I introduce an 'organizing minute' and a little theme and message.

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