Saturday, September 14, 2013

Letters to Liz

Nellie L is officially a grown-up and gets to use her real name on the blog.  Liz has now moved out and is beginning the FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF HER LIFE at college!  Go LIZ!

Here is her new apartment:
Not her real kitchen: long story--hers looks a lot like it

Also not her living room--you get the idea.

Really her bedroom-we made the top bunk later.

The other side of the room--she doesn't have to share.  Hooray!  Only 4 girls in the apartment--all of them are friends.

Dear Liz,

I am so happy that you are all settled in and ready for your first semester at BYU-I!  This is going to be such an amazing experience for you.  I love the spirit of the school, and the sweet roommates you ended up with, and your cute bedroom. 

I know I just left, and talked your ear off this weekend, but I'd like to give you a few words of wisdom, having, "Been There and Done That."


1. Pray on your own, and with your room-mates.  Pray for your roommates by name.  It's hard to be angry with each other if you're praying for each other.

2.  Serve someone every day.  Pray for opportunities.  Keep your eyes open.

3. Take Care of Your Body: Eat healthy food.  Don't skip meals.  Exercise.  Sleep.  Go to bed at night.

4.  Keep the Rules.  They're there for your safety.

5.  Do Something Each Day to Fill Your Own Cup.  

6.  Forgive others freely.  Do your best, apologize when you're wrong, keep trying, and forgive yourself, also.

7.  Smile a lot.  Look people in the eyes and smile.  Learn and use names.

8.  Do Something You Don't Want to Do, That Needs to Be Done, every day.  This is part of being an adult.

9.  Find Things to Be Grateful For.  Write them down.  Express gratitude.

 10.  Have Courage.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Stretch.  Follow promptings.  Take a deep breath and dive in.  DARE TO DO RIGHT.  

I love you.  This seems short, but don't despair, there will be more profound words of wisdom to come.

Wait, there's one more, and it's important:
11.  Show Up:  BE where you're supposed to be, be early, be prepared, be fully present and stay until it's over.  My Mama always used to say, "Half of life is knowing where you're supposed to be and then BEING there!"  (Then she'd put her teeth in and try to leave the Home.)

Mr. Cool would like to add:  "Turn on the fan when you're using the bathroom, because I know how you smell."


Lightspeaker said...

LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I'm having a great time here. I think this semester is gonna be really great. I'll try to follow your awesome advice. Thanks! I'll make sure to turn the fan on. Thanks Mr. Cool! I LOVE YOU ALL! -LK

Lightspeaker said...
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Lightspeaker said...

Sometimes you just gotta post the same thing twice. Then you realize that you did. So you go back and delete it. :D