Sunday, January 6, 2013


For several years, my only New Year's resolution has been to Go to the bathroom before my eyeballs turn yellow and I am frantically knocking down small children in my path.  I triumphantly announce that I believe I have tackled this one!!!

Someday, I hope to hit the highest level, and set the resolution to go alone and undisturbed.

Right now, I am somewhere in-between.  But enough about that.  I'm starting to think that there is more to life than surviving exhaustion and performing basic bodily functions.  (Which means I am not pregnant or nursing, so I've had a second to stop and look around.)

In other words, I'm emerging from "SURVIVAL MODE" or at least breaking the surface for a quick breath of air once in a while.

I am in my 3rd year of what my mom coined as a "3-Year Plan."  The plan was to organize my home, establish some grooming, and get healthy.

2013 Resolutions:(Not necessarily in order of importance)
In the Home:
1.  Paint:  the deck, the stair railing, my bedroom
2.  Carpet:  laid downstairs, shampooed upstairs.
3.  Pictures on the wall updated.
4.  Organization:  Each day deep clean one area  (shower, wall, cupboard, etc.)  Each week organize or re-organize one area)
5.  Plan meals around food storage, shop on Thursdays only, and plan a week at a time.

I mostly took care of this in 2012--I've got some nice new clothes, whitened my teeth, consistently wear make-up, and most days I curl my hair.  It's mostly about maintaining.

It's time to get real with this one.  I've gotten my veins taken care of, and I think that the migraines are something I'm going to have to live with.  Now for diet and exercise.

1.  Exercise 30-45 minutes a day.
2.  Stretch and strengthen each day.
3.  Visit the rec center twice a week.
4.  Eat one fruit or vegetable with each meal.
5.  Set out healthy snacks strategically.
6.  Offer 3 choices of fruits and vegetables with dinner.
7.  No more than one evil dessert a day.
8.  Eliminate "laundry incentive candy"  (This might be the most difficult.)
9.  Brush teeth after dinner and refrain from eating anything else for the day.
10.  Bake with more whole wheat, and substitute oil with applesauce.
1.  Prepare Nellie L for college, a mission, and leaving the nest.
2.  Nag Mr. Cool until he has a job.  Continue to cheer as he learns and grows.
3.  Continue to work with Lil' Mama on Personal Progress.
4.  Help Mr. Lamadingdong prepare for Middle School.  Work on scouting.  Prepare for Eagle.
5.  Ride prepubescence with the Princess.
6.  Help Little P prepare to be baptized. ( March 2014)
7.  Preschool with Little K and Caboose.  Kindergarten in fall for little K.
8.  Establish a little discipline for Caboose.  Potty train and move from crib.
9.  Continue to do family sports, vacations, kid parties, and one-on-one "dates".
10.  Continue to "conference" with each child on Sundays, with weekly planning, Preach My Gospel study, goal-setting and journaling.  Continue Family Home Evenings, Family Scriptures and Prayer, teens to the temple often.

1.  Temple once a week.  (Give myself a break when it doesn't always happen.  Keep trying.)
2.  Finish reading Book of Mormon with footnotes and study aids.  Read every day.
3.  Study words of the prophets in Conference talks, etc...
4.  Pray daily for opportunities to serve.  Act on promptings.
5.  Be a better Visiting Teacher.
6.  Fast and pray for those I've been called to serve.  Be more prepared in my church calling.
7.  Be a better friend.
8.  Be a better wife.


This year I hope that together we can go to Korea to visit Handsome's brother and his family and  pay off the house.  I'll continue to rotate and supply our food storage, serve more in the community (especially at the schools) and involve my kiddos in more service/volunteering.  I plan to read my brains out, be a better instrument in His hands, learn humility and self-control.  If I could have patience a little quicker and easily, then I'd go for that.  Maybe next year.


Kristen said...

Well I'm tired now. I guess I should actually sit down and make a goal for the year beyond get through this week... Maybe...Maybe after I get through this week.

Love you! And good luck!

Anonymous said...

Do you think its ok if I print this and hang it on my wall? I don't plan on doing it, I just want to remind myself that someday you get out of the yellow eyeball phase. -Brenda

Shennie said...

ummm Your list is so exhausting, I don't even want to think about it!

We move the end of May. Better get those plane tickets!! (let us know when first ok?)

Holly Lin said...

I'm with Kristen...phew!
Can you say "over achiever"? ;) Actually I think it's just that I'm a super "under achiever".

Love you...
miss you...