Monday, October 31, 2011

A funny little K

So we've got this little live-in comedianne.  She says something funny every day, and I always think I'm gonna remember...Here are a few of her recent gems.

Standing in McDonalds, "MOM!  WHERE'S MY Mc...STUFF!?!"

 As I was stuffing the pinata (duh, how do you add the ~?) in her thoughtful voice:

"I'd like to share a few thoughts about candy:"
(Seriously, those were her words.)

Then she broke out into a rock-n-roll dance and song,

"Oh, yeah!  Candy!  It's for eating!  Eat candy!  Oh, yeah, BABY!"

While playing "Angry Birds" on my touchpad:
"Mom, who gave you this thing?"
"No, I mean who gave it to Daddy?"
"Uncle Thor."
Very seriously, "Mom, you need to write that man a letter that says, 'Uncle Thor, you are so nice.  You are the nicest man ever!  We love you for giving us the angry birds game.  Thank you very, very much!'"  And then under her breath, "Uh!   Stupid pigs!"

Every time we go into a store she waves her hands around and says,
"Open, Sesamonie!"  to the automatic door.  Then waving her hands behind her after we've entered,
 "Close, Sesamonie!"
She is the kid that started the "Pants, pants, I need pants!"  routine that we all reference anytime anyone is bare.  It is a sing-song chant accompanied by a butt-wiggle fancy-dance.

Fabulous little K!

p.s.  Overheard conversation at lunch table with little friend A.

A  "I need a drink.  I'm tirsty!"
K  "A, you say that wrong.  I will help you.  It's shirsty.  Sshhhhursty.  Try to say it the right way."



Shennie said...

Love this post!

Johnson Family said...

Those are so funny, what an entertaining kid!

leschornmom said...


leschornmom said...

Hi, I found you on It seems we have a lot in common. I am a mom of 8 also... However i am not very current on my blogging (sigh.
Anyway I just looked you up because I like what you had to say and thought I'd say "HI"
Beautiful family!

leschornmom said...

PS. I cannot find a "follow" link so if you'll comment on my page and tell me where it is I'd appreciate it!

Jeri said...

So funny! Glad you are writing them down! She will appreciate that some day!


Lisa said...

What a funny little bug! I can picture her saying all of that. Cute post!