Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sweet Childhood Dreams--Broken to Bits by Uncaring Parents

My disappointment was Sesame Street.  I had a NEED to be on it as a STAR and my mean parents wouldn't even entertain my one heart's dream.  They did, however invoke the "parent's curse" which involved hoping that I would at least get one child JUST LIKE ME...

First, it was an orca.  The opening of Free Willy had Michael Jackson belting out "You are not alone" while some voice-over urged children all over the world to "Adopt an Orca for only $15 a month."

This was a no-brainer for Nellie L.  For only $15 a month she could have her OWN ORCA--we just needed a swimming pool in the back yard and was that too much to ask?   We nearly ruined her life at the young age of 4. 

That was about the time she started shopping around for a new mother. 

Then, she really wanted a Lion.  That was pretty short-lived.

But SNAKES; that one took on a life of its own and she held firmly to it for several years. 

These would have been acceptable family choices for her.  She probably even wrote to Steve Erwin...


Last year it was the little orphan kitty who was living in the vet clinic where she volunteered.  Aaahhhh...NO!

L is almost an adult now, which means that she is more sophisticated in her unreasonable requests. 
She had done her homework.  She's honed her presentation skills over the years.  It was practically a power-point presentation by the time we were assaulted by the new idea. 

It was a very emotional night last night.  Let's just leave it at that. 


Anonymous said...

Um- I think you failed to mention when you finally caved to the whole 'ant farm' idea which eventually fell off the top of your fridge resulting in your small daughter witnessing her mother assertively STOMPING on her beloved first pets..... b

Jeri said...

You WOULD have to bring that one up...